Who We Are

Azienda Agricola Capuano, founded in 2007 by brothers Vincenzo and Antonio Capuano, cultivates and preserves olives and typical vegetables from Puglia, combining regional gastronomic tradition with technological innovation.

Our Approach

The principles of agriculture passion and respect for nature are the foundation of producing typical preserves from the local territory. The company’s goal is to offer excellent products, cultivated sustainably and following clean agriculture practices.
Olives and vegetables, grown on the family’s fields, are harvested and processed within a few hours at the farm, creating a high-quality short-chain product.

The company specializes in table olives, such as the famous and prized Bella di Cerignola, and oil-based preserves, like gourmet sun-dried tomatoes. These are “simple” products from the land but cultivated and processed impeccably from fresh.

Our Advantages

The company is a reference point for those seeking genuine products
and loves to experience an unforgettable taste journey.

Short Supply Chain

Organic Products

Vegan products

100% Fresh Italian Raw Materials

What We Do

Care, Harvest, Preserve
The agricultural company stands out for creating gourmet preserves of the highest quality. What makes each product unique is the raw material, always impeccable.
The careful care given to the fields is daily, and adherence to ancient recipes allows for products with authentic flavor. There are two product lines: table olives and preserved vegetables.
The Bella di Cerignola olive, whose excellence has earned numerous awards for the company, is the icon of the range, accompanied by other native cultivars such as Nocellara, Termite di Bitetto, Peranzana, and Leccino.
Do you want to enjoy fresh vegetables at any time of the year?
Thanks to experience and expertise in the sector, the company can process fresh vegetables and vegetables meticulously harvested, selected, and packaged in oil within 48/72 hours.

We cultivate Values, grow with ethics

The ethical code represents our values and provides clear guidance on how these concepts translate into concrete behaviors for the entire company team. This code helps us maintain our reputation for excellence, ensure responsible behavior,
and build trust with our customers, collaborators, and the community in general.

Quality and Short Supply Chain

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality at every stage of our process, from cultivation to the preservation of our products. We work only with fresh products and in a short supply chain because we believe that quality is the key to offering our customers authentic and unforgettable taste experiences.


We are committed to respecting the environment and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. This includes the use of clean cultivation methods, respect for the seasonality of products, and the adoption of zero-kilometer principles.

Respect for Tradition

We value and respect the rich gastronomic tradition of our region. e strive to keep alive ancient Apulian recipes, using technology to improve processes without compromising the authenticity of our products.


We believe in the importance of innovation. We use technology to improve our cultivation and preservation processes, never losing sight of respect for nature and tradition.


We are committed to operating with honesty, transparency, and responsibility in all our activities. We respect applicable laws and regulations and behave with integrity towards our customers, suppliers, collaborators, and the community where we operate.

Respect for People

We value the people who work with us and are committed to creating a safe, fair, and respectful work environment. We promote diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Commitment to Customers

We are committed to creating a strong and lasting bond with our customers, offering them not only high-quality products but also a unique and authentic experience. We listen to their needs and feedback and commit to exceeding their expectations.


With a passion for quality and attention to detail, we cultivate and process only the finest olives from Puglia.


Selected vegetables at the peak of freshness, expertly processed to preserve their authenticity.

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