Olives from Puglia

With a passion for quality and attention to detail, we cultivate and preserve the finest table olives from the most important varieties of the region. Our range encompasses 5 varieties of cultivars, and we take pride in continuing the processing of the world’s largest table olive:
“Bella di Cerignola”


The Largest in the World!

Choosing Bella di Cerignola olives means immersing yourself in an unparalleled gastronomic experience. This unique variety is known for its characteristic savory taste and incredible size. With crisp and juicy flesh, these olives easily detach from the pit, offering an intense palate experience.

The care of the olive groves is crucial, requiring continuous attention and expertise to produce a high-quality product.

Thanks to this dedication, these olives are a flagship product, recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Ercole Olivario competition. The competition has awarded our company with the first prize for the giant variety of “Bella di Cerignola” olives.

Each Olive is Harvested at the Right Moment

The art of cultivating table olives has ancient roots and is of fundamental importance to our farm. We understand that their quality depends on various factors, including the precise moment of harvest. Freshness and the preservation of organoleptic properties are crucial, which is why our specialized team carefully picks olives at the optimal ripeness. This approach allows us to obtain a fruit with an authentic and unmistakable flavor.

Glass preservation, within a few hours of harvesting, ensures that the aroma and the right texture are maintained, offering our customers a unique sensory experience.

Handpicked from our olive groves

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We carefully choose vegetables at the height of their freshness and skillfully process them with artisanal expertise, preserving them in oil to maintain their authenticity


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