Preserves from Puglia

We carefully select fresh vegetables from our fields and skillfully process them to preserve their genuineness and authenticity. Our preserves offer a unique sensory experience, bringing the taste of Puglia directly to your table. Every bite tells the story of our passion for quality and the desire to share with you a true culinary treasure.

puglian preserves

Authentic culinary delight

Preserves are an authentic culinary delight that allows you to embark on a timeless journey of flavors. They are a versatile ingredient perfect for enhancing pasta dishes, main courses, and pizzas.

Each product is crafted following ancient peasant recipes. They are made with vegetables selected at the peak of freshness. Our artisanal expertise is reflected in every step of the production process, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of our products.

Our preserves symbolize the authenticity of Puglia, bringing the passion and love for our land to your table.

Have you ever tasted
oil-preserved vegetables?

Have you ever tasted oil-preserved vegetables? They are delicious and full of flavor due to the oil preservation that maintains their crispiness and imparts an intense taste. Perfect on their own as appetizers or as a special ingredient in various recipes.

The preserves are a traditional method of conservation used for centuries in Puglia. This technique preserves the flavors and qualities of fresh vegetables for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy them even out of season.

Today, we proudly continue the art of preserving vegetables, highlighting features such as zero kilometers and the seasonality of raw materials that indicate freshness and authenticity.

Selected at the height of their freshness


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With passion and care for details, we cultivate and process only the best olives from Puglia


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